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Cablenet has been servicing the Life Sciences industry for over 15 years. Cablenet has worked with the industry top planning companies, which, span throughout Boston, Cambridge, and route 128. Our longevity and experience give us the edge in today's competitive market.

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Customer Testimonials

Dear Mr. Aiello,

I realize I’ve written you before but wanted to write you again in praise of the service I get from your company. My main contact is Gary Wood. He is incredible about calling me back quickly when I contact him. I call him often with moves, adds, and changes to my voice and data cabling. He’s always very pleasant and professional to deal with – nothing seems impossible for him. He and/or Steve Reid and Ron Wallace are here within days (sometimes hours) of when I request the work. Gary is definitely one of my favorite vendors to call. I just feel very comfortable with him – he is very patient and explains things very well to me.

Gary, Steve and Ron are also pretty incredible workers. They are in and out of my space sometimes so quickly I wouldn’t even know they were here if I didn’t talk to them. They don’t disturb any of the employees and, if by chance they need to get into someone’s space, they are very courteous, quick and quiet. They know my space well and move around quite easily. I don’t need to babysit them or walk around then them – I just show them the location, what I need done, and I walk away. They let me know when they’re done or leaving and everything always works fine.

If these three men are indicative of the rest of your employees, then you are a fortunate man, Mr. Aiello – you have a work force you can be proud of. It is a pleasure to work with Cablenet Systems and I hope to continue to do so for many years to come.

Dear Gary,

First – “Many Thanks!” to a great Job!

I write this letter in true appreciation to the fine Cable Topology Plant that you, your crew and Cablenet have built for our new facilities. We have exceeded in all measures, our success criteria for a successful move from our existing site to our new Headquarters site of 3280,000 sq ft. This was truly a huge undertaking of many efforts and Cablenet deserves a salute to your part and your impact on our success. Your dedication, professionalism and attention to our needs and changes thru the life of this project were exceptional.

Gary, Richard, - Thanks again to you and your employees! It is a pleasure to work with Cablenet Systems, Inc. and I hope to continue to do so for many years to come.

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